Answer : The salary of the maid depends upon the working hours as mentioned below;
Working hours Salary

 Mumbai, PuneAhmedabadBangalore
8 hoursRs. 11000 to Rs. 12000Rs. 10000 to Rs. 12000Rs. 13000 to Rs. 14000
10 hoursRs. 13000 to Rs. 14000Rs. 12000 to Rs. 14000Rs. 15000 to Rs. 16000
24 hoursRs. 18000 to Rs. 20000Rs. 17000 to Rs. 20000Rs. 20000 to Rs. 22000

Answer : Assignments for all positions such as housemaid, servants, driver, cook, baby sitter, baby care, senior citizens care, patient care etc., are undertaken on an equal basis. The professional fee is equivalent to the one month salary of the candidate.

Answer : At the outset client’s detailed requirements are forwarded to our centralized service department where we screen our existing database of the maids and call them to explain the job profile and other details. Then we send the profiles of the interested maids exactly matching client’s requirements in an easy to read ‘PDF format’ containing candidate’s photograph, personal information, Aadhar Card and other docs (if any) on client’s WhatsApp number or email. Client just need to check and let us know which maids the client want for interviews, the chosen maids will be accompanied by our representative to client’s residence as per client’s convenient time. Client just needs to interview the maids and finalize the best.

Answer : We collect documents from all our maids viz. Aadhar Card, photograph and share the same with our clients as well. This collection of documents makes the maids cautious and vigilant and ultimately preventing them in indulging in any wrong practices.

Answer : We give six months free replacement guarantee if the maids quits or the client sacks the maid for genuine reason

Answer : Post selection of the maid, we do a physical address verification of the candidate. Our verification executive visits the maid’s residence and do the verification which includes sending of the exact residence location of the maid using WhatsApp, photographs of the residence along with maid and photographs of the documents and the terms and conditions signed by the maid.

Answer : The salary includes the train fare conveyance.

Answer : The maid is entitled for 2 holidays in a month.

Answer : The client has the liberty to deduct the salary if the maid takes more leaves than the prescribed number.

Answer : We do inquire about the diseases / allergies with the candidates during screening process. Unwell candidates are gently disallowed and advise doctor’s guidance.

Answer : Mostly the maid consumes the same food cooked at the clients’ home.

Answer : No. Maid would come along with their individual clothes. Client has freedom to offer clothes if they wish.

Answer : Bonus can be paid after successful completion of certain period.

Answer : Generally we counsel the candidates during screening session to give notice before leaving the job. Once the candidate leaves or gives notice, we will immediately arrange the replacement free of cost.

Answer : Fortunately a wrongdoing situation hasn’t been reported till date. In case of any wrongdoing and found culpable, the issue can be reported to the local legal authority.

Answer : Salary can be given on 5th of every month.

Answer : The maid does the following tasks;
a) Sweeping – झाड़ू
b) Mopping – पोंछा
c) Utensils – बर्तन साफ करना
d) Dusting – ध़ूल हटाना
Washing Machine – Drying & folding – कपड़ेसुखाऩे- कपड़े की र्ह 
f) Kitchen Help – Cutting / Chopping / Shopping – रसोई मेंमदद – काटना / खरीदारी करना
g) Cooking – खाना बनाना

Answer : Yes we are registered. We have Government’s MSME registration certificate along with ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

Answer : Our main objective is to offer economical, genuine and quick service. Client can read our reviews and testimonials on Google. This proves that we offer the best service to our clients. The R2000 paid to us is a 100% refundable booking amount. If the client do not like the profiles or the candidate client will get R2000 refund.

Answer : We require a booking amount to start the services. Booking amount makes sure the client is serious about recruitment and has not approached multi-agencies for services ultimately wiping out the chances of rejection of our candidates and wasting the efforts of our team.

Answer : No, client does not have to pay any amount after one year. Once the candidate is placed at client’s home, maid is client’s staff and can work with the client for lifetime. 

Answer : We do not advise to give advance to the maid. However client has the liberty to give advance salary to the maid depending upon the rapport built and period served.

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